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Caviar is a team of financiers and developers based across Singapore, Thailand and Australia building DeFi projects for the Radix L1 protocol. This site is the staking arm of Caviar and is currently used to update the community on projects we are working, profiles, statistics and nfts we have made etc

  • Creators of dsor.io - Decentralised Smart Order Router
  • Creators of caviareggs.io
  • Creators of caviarswap.io
  • Creators of radit.io
  • First (and only) On-chain NFTs on Radix
  • Only On-chain audio messages
  • Live Radix Ledger Statistics
  • Gateway API Node for the community
  • Live Twitter of new Radix Tokens + more...

Our Radix Validator Nodes

We provide 2 community validator nodes + 1 backup hosted on DigitalOcean's cloud service and the Core + Gateway API nodes on AWS.
Currently the validator nodes + backup have 16GB of ram and 8 Intel CPUs and 320GB of SSD

We are overwhelmed with the support that the community has shown by staking with us.
Currently there is 79.271 million XRD staked across our Singapore and India nodes.
However, it is important for the Radix protocol security that stake isn't concentrated with just a few validators.
We strongly encourage you to stake with validators in the bottom half! Stake smart!

Our leading validator node.
44.339 million xrd staked, 1.75% fee
Global uptime: 99.99% (492 / 3508513)

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Geographically different
34.932 million xrd staked, 1.75% fee
Global uptime: 99.98% (485 / 2930727)

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Backup Validator

Again geographically different, our London based backup validator is fully functioning, online and ready to step in if there is ever a problem with either Singapore or India

Core Api Nodes

One Modern Radix Core Api Nodes with data aggregation that powers many of our internal services, projects + the gateway API

Gateway Api

Modern Radix gateway Api running version 1.1.6 that allows wallets + API access at https://gateway.caviarnine.com


Some Radix DLT ledger statistics

Amount of XRD staked, unstaked and the total net staked (in millions, excluding emissions). statistics...

Number of XRD wallets and Fees burnt.

Total number of unique XRD wallets seen on the ledger that have done at least one transaction. Amount of XRD Fee burnt from all the transactions found. statistics...



Floop was one of the earliest tokens to be created on the Radix DLT network with only 1000 minted. There were a few airdrops where validator runners received 1 FLOOP and all wallets that had done a single transaction received 0.0999999999 FLOOP. We'll try and keep you in the floop...


Our Caviar token was minted with an immutable supply of 999,999,999 tokens.
Being a CAVIAR holder means you're part of the club!



The official governance token of https://radit.io, a community owned board powered by Radix

RADIT was minted with a fixed supply of 100,000,000 tokens which 83% will be airdropped to radit.io users and stakers to CaviarNine nodes. The token was created with a special 'safe' ending supreme.

Onchain NFTs

We created the first NFT's to be on-chain on the radix ledger! They have all their information embedded in the token details and were minted with a supply of only 9 attos giving them an extremely limited supply! Also tricky to send just one... 0.000000000000000001
Radixscan.io has a very good write up of all the details here.
Also check out our Onchain Audio "Thank you" message.


Homage to the Radix DLT team, the first NFT is an SVG embedding with the following latin text attached: "Radix malorum est cupiditas. CaviarNine" 


Our own logo also an SVG embedding with the words "by CaviarNine" attached



CaviarNine is an offshoot from other projects that we have been involved in over the years. We are very interested in DeFi and believe that Radix DLT is a game changer in this space.

Oliver (aka Tronn)

I'm a Brit who lives in Asia after a 15yr career in trading derivatives in top tier banks in London and Singapore. Some of my interests lie in mathematics, trading, DeFi, ML/AI, algorithms, optimisations etc. Ooh and I'm quite partial to a beer or two! 

Chris Colman

Also a Brit living in Singapore with 20+ years experience in derivatives trading. Interested in DeFi, quant trading, physics/maths and longevity.


I'm a Pole currently living in Asia with 20+ years in software engineering. After coding I play blues, explore the deep blue ocean or sip beers with Tronn

Chris Sellers

I'm an Aussie who is passionate about software engineering, algorithmic trading, AI, DeFi etc. I used to pilot A380's but I found computing is where my heart is! Nautilus Trader is my showpiece.

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